What our clients say

Agnes Johnston
Private Client

Like most people in the UK, Agnes spent much of her life in the PAYE system. When she strated to let a property she found that she would now need to complete a tax return. Initially Agens spoke to a local accountant but they told her the job was too small for them. She then found us.

Agnes said: “From that time on I have had no worries about my tax affairs at all. Kris has been capable and efficient and everything is done online and by email. He has always been able to answer all my questions straight away and he has completely taken the weight off my shoulders. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I genuinely don’t know how he can put in so much time and effort for so little financial reward. Believe his website: Kris offers a great service and he genuinely is as good as it says he is.”


Paul Green
Greenway School Of Motoring

Paul runs a very successful driving school in the Dumfries area. Although Paul had a local accountant to complete his self assessment he felt that he didn’t have a good picture of his tax liabilities until the end of the year and that he was spending a lot of time on his bookkeeping.

Paul said: “Kris has devised a very simple effective method of book keeping specifically for driving instructors and I have been surprised at the effectiveness of the system. This has helped me keep my admin costs to a minimum. I would recommend Kris to all instructors and have done on numerous occasions. Keep up the good work”


Ian Cuthbert
Cuthbert Plasterers

Ian Cuthbert is a sole trader, running a plastering business, Cuthbert Plasterers. He had money outstanding for retention on a number of jobs for a major UK housebuilder which he was having difficulties recovering even though he had been trying for over 4 years.

We worked with Ian to conduct a full audit of all monies outstanding, and contacted the debtors on his behalf. Within 1 month we had recovered £10,000 which Ian previously thought he would never see again.

Here’s what he had to say: “I had been told by a couple of accountants and debt collection companies to write this off as I had no chance of getting it back, but thanks to Kris is was sorted really quickly. I wish I had gone to him years ago.”


Martin McLachlan
Martin McLachlan Photography

Martin runs a well known professional photography service in Ayrshire.  Knowing the importance that accurate figures makes to his business as the year progresses, and not just at the end, Martin was looking for a more proactive service.

Martin says: “After using the same Accountant for 18 years I decided it was time for a move. I found Kris online and we agreed to meet up and the rest is history. Plain simple terms of understanding your business. Kris makes it look easy and I don’t need to worry about the back office side of my business anymore which gives me the time to concentrate on the day to day running.”