It’s difficult enough in construction right now without the added pressures of pushing bits of paper around of your evening.  Between the extra red tape of CIS, wages, VAT not to mention chasing payments for work you’ve done and quoting for new jobs it’s a wonder you have time to use your tools.

We’ve worked with others in your industry including joiners, plumbers and plasterers to develop a system especially for your industry.  We looked at the main challenges and found a way to help you get some of your time back.

From invoicing for work, to managing all of your receipts and getting your self assessment filed, we’ve made it easy by creating a choice of 4 packages just for you!


Ian Cuthbert is a sole trader, running a plastering business, Cuthbert Plasterers. He had money outstanding for retention on a number of jobs for a major UK housebuilder which he was having difficulties recovering even though he had been trying for over 4 years.

We worked with Ian to conduct a full audit of all monies outstanding, and contacted the debtors on his behalf. Within 1 month we had recovered £10,000 which Ian previously thought he would never see again.

Here’s what he had to say: “I had been told by a couple of accountants and debt collection companies to write this off as I had no chance of getting it back, but thanks to Kris is was sorted really quickly. I wish I had gone to him years ago.”