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Employment Allowance

From April 2016, employers will be able to pay 4 full time members of staff at the living wage without incurring employers national insurance.  This is thanks to the increase in the employment allowance increase from £2,000 to £3,000 per year. The employment allowance was introduced in April 2014 to encourage and support employers to employ […]

Sell Customers The Opportunity To Buy From You.

Most businesses work in much the same way, the customer chooses the products and services and then pays for them.  But there’s another way of buying that’s really taking the world by storm in everything from movies to websites and it’s something that many businesses could really benefit from.  It’s a membership. A recent study […]

Calculating ‘use of home’ expenses

If you work from home, then you can claim a portion of your household expenses as business expenses. This includes: Heating Lighting Mortgage interest Rent Insurance Council Tax There are two ways to calculate the business portion. We call them the ‘apportionment method’ and the ‘lazy method’. It’s worth doing a quick calculation for both […]

The end of Class 2 NI

In the recent budget announcement, Chancellor George Osborne announced his plans to abolish class 2 national insurance contributions.  The 5 million strong army of self employed in the UK will no doubt welcome this news. Class 2 national insurance costs small business owners £2.75 per week saving them £143 per year.  The big celebration is […]